The Linux Pick-up Line

As a follow-up to the last post, I am getting such a kick out of the Linux pick-up lines at the gym. Note that this gym is generally *not* a pick-up place (like many are). This gym is friendly, but most people are serious about their purpose and have an attitude of I’m-here-to-workout-so-don’t-bug-me. I really like it. Even so, from time to time people initiate conversations when there’s something particularly interesting to spark it.

Here are my top three favorite Linux pick-up lines:

1. Stare at Linux logo on shirt. Keep walking, but with distracted expression. Thoughts going through head must be, “She can’t know what Linux is… She looks like a mom… I would never see someone like that at work… So she probably just borrowed the shirt from her husband… Wait, that’s definitely a women’s shirt… Maybe I should ask if she uses Linux for real..” Thump. Person runs into post or wall. This is my least favorite one. I feel sorry for the person whose preconceived notions make them run into walls. (No exaggeration — it has happened more than once.)

2. Notice Linux on shirt. Do a double take. (This one is my favorite.) Curiously ask, “You use Linux? For real?” Conversation ensues. When we part a minute later, we are both smiling. We will smile and wave at each other next time.

3. Sees Linux and immediately senses a friendship: “So, you’re a Linux user? Which distro?” We have a cheerful conversation and it gives me that sense of comraderie that there are others out there like me who want a better, safer computing experience. I wish this one happened more often.


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