Workin’ It

Rikki Kite at Linux Pro gave me a promo T-shirt that was high-quality and had a spunky, cool design that I wanted to wear. It fit a little snug, but I needed a snug black T for classes.

When your feet are in the air and you are nearly in a headstand you want a shirt that fits snug — it stays in place.

Well, here’s the letter I wrote to Rikki as a thank you for the shirt:

“Hey, did I tell you yet how much I love the Linux Pro Magazine tshirt you gave me? It’s a trim fit so I wear it to the gym and often tell people, “I’m doing all this ab work so I can look good in this shirt someday.” (But, I feel great in it already.) I get so many comments on it, such as, “You use Linux? Which distro?”

“It is a huge gym, 5 floors, massive square footage and probably a few thousand members. I go every day and rub shoulders with quite a few bay area people. I wear the Linux Pro shirt whenever it’s clean because it’s one of the few shirts that: 1. I look / feel good in, and 2. it sparks so many great comments from people.

“My favorite reaction — a few weeks ago in the Total Body Challenge class (insanely tough, jam-packed with people giving it their all) the instructor, who is the manager of all the classes for the Y, saw my Linux Pro shirt and incorporated it into the set which had been counting down from 30.. “Go Linux 5! Go Linux 4!… Go Linux Pro!” It was a riot; we were all laughing (and crying a bit — it was a long set and it hurt!)

“The shirt has been well-used and well-loved. Thank you for giving it to me.”

It’s hard to find good women’s geek Ts. It’s a delight to find one that works.


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