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CEO of ZaReason, a sweet little Linux hardware builder in Berkeley, CA


Posted by cathymalmrose on February 3, 2009

I live in Berkeley, otherwise known as Berzerkely, in sunny California. In this teeny little 10 1/2 square mile patch of earth, we have a large number of people who like to walk and bike (not drive).

On more than a few stop signs around town, people have spray painted a little add-on request:



I find it funny and also helpful. I love being in a town where drivers are accustomed to sharing the road with bikers. I love riding my bike. I feel 15 years old when I ride my bike around town. It gets my heart pumping and my brain thinking.
Often, I see people cruising on their bikes, singing some song. You have to see it to believe it — it is usually some regular person just coasting down a sweet little hill, hair streaming behind, singing some song with that relaxed passion that rubs off on everybody who hears them.

Today I saw a STOP sign variation that I had not seen in a while:



I wish I passed by this sign everyday.

One Response to “Stop”

  1. RecessionCone said

    This year I’ve been biking to school almost every day. It’s striking to me how considerate people driving cars are to me as I ride around Berkeley. It’s good to feel you’re in a place where people support bikers.

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