Precious little things

This morning we rode our bikes to the best bagel shop in the world.  It is a hidden little shop that you would not find unless someone told you (psst, it’s Berkeley Bagel at 1281 Gilman).

There are more than a few semi-dangerous spots on the road to the bagel shop but we brave it because the bagels are so indescribably good. For some reason, during this morning’s bike ride it occurred to me just how much I trust the cars around me to not run us over. They could so easily destroy us. I got a deep, quick sense of the precious-ness of life and the lives of others with me.

The next thought was that our customers trust us to give them their next laptop or desktop. That’s a similarly powerful trust.

Here’s the reasoning, whether it makes sense or not: Most of what we have and do in life is nearly irrelevent, but there are a few things, a few deeply, dearly precious things in each person’s own little sphere.

The precious parts of my life are health, family, friends, laptop…

Yes, my laptop. Personally, I bond with my laptops. The Toshiba I had when my kids were little was just as much a family member as the kids were. It traveled with me like the kids did. It was at the lunch table, in the car, out at parties, and even in bed with me when I was sick, at the hospital with me when I had my babies, each one. My laptop was an extension of myself, a useful type of appendage with a far more reliable memory than my own. My laptop was an intricate part of my life. I started carrying my laptop with me long before most people were carrying laptops.

When I see computers go out our doors to people in various parts of the world, I realize that those laptops are precious little things going to people who will need them, rely on them, depend on their proper functioning. Powerful trust.

Makes sense? Perhaps it was just the musings of a sleepy Saturday morning on the way to and from the bagel shop, but let it be noted that I do respect people’s computers as precious.


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