Spunky and oh-so sticky

Every now and then you meet someone who is utterly unforgettable. Their name instantly sticks in your memory and you know that 10, even 20 years from now, the memory of this person will still be lodged in your mushy cranial memory logs. If you have read Made to Stick, then you know what I mean about how someone or something can duct tape itself to your memory.

One of these people is Carla Schroder, now with LinuxToday. The first piece I read by her was posted elsewhere, but it was spunky, feisty, and so dead-on point that my mind made a note to pay attention to her work when it popped up. Now that she is with LinuxToday, now we all have more opportunities to hear from her.

It was with a giddy yelp of joy that I read her recent article about us: “ZaReason (and other independents) Outshine the Big Boys”. Here is a clip:

“There are a number of excellent independent Linux OEM vendors, and my personal favorite is ZaReason.

“ZaReason shows how powerful individuals with a little focus and a lot of “getting it” can be… The folks at ZaReason figured this out long ago, and replaced the Windows key with an Ubuntu key. Such a simple thing, and yet so cool- and so completely outside the vision of the big shops, because they don’t “get it.”

“ZaReason offers Ubuntu PCs in a wide number of form factors: laptop, desktop, Shuttle, and now their brand-new Atom-based Breeze 3110….”

What makes Carla Schroder so sticky? If you start following her work like I have, you will see how her wicked sharp humor makes the messages highly memorable as in: “Linux is making me fat and lazy.” Ha!


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