Traffic spike

Every now and then we wind up on Slashdot. A recent /.ing went as follows:

“Lenovo has stopped selling laptops pre-installed with Linux on its web site, only 8 months after starting the trial program… For those looking to buy full-sized laptops and desktops with Linux pre-loaded Dell, System76, ZaReason and Everex all still offer such products.”

The first time we were slashdotted it was fun to see the traffic spike, but now it is not that important. We just want to keep working with the core customer base we have already built. We love the people we work with. We almost wish we had more tech support issues so we could work with them more. But, unfortunately tech support issues are rare.


I have no idea why Lenovo stopped their Linux line. It surely could not have been tech support issues. You have to be a bit careless with the hardware to mess up a Linux product line these days.


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