Teenagers, penguins, and video clips

Christian Einfeldt of Digital Tipping Point filmed me telling a few of our family stories. Normally, I am quiet camera shy, but Christian has a way of putting everyone at ease, so here you go: Join the others who have viewed me babble on gloriously.

Note that the penguin-throwing at the beginning of the video clip was purposeful. I was conducting a mini focus group testing the following:

* How well the penguins held up to regular use. (We all know kids throw their stuffed animals as much as they hug them.)

* How quickly the penguins got dirty. Shockingly enough, they are still just as crisp-white as the moment when the kids first picked them up!

* The quality of stitching. Many, many years ago, I worked briefly as a speciality seamstress for a custom children’s clothing designer. It is a pet peeve of mine to look for inadequate stitching and point out, “Ah ha! I told you it was low-quality.” The Open Animal penguins did not give me the satisfaction. They are extremely well built.


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