Little voice in the background

I have been told, many times, that my company needs a voice, a personality. I agreed, but was not sure I wanted to be tagged “it”.

I hesitated for a full year and a half. One day, I finally put two obvious factors together. I love to write. I am jazzed when I can slam out a bit of thought and read it later, sensing, “Hey, that has value. Wow. I wrote that.” Ironically, I have been complaining about missing my previous technical writing gigs. Yes, it took me nearly two years to realize this ridiculously obvious connection.

It was actually my brother who hit the home run on this one. I went to visit him in Connecticut and one of the first things he said was, “You need to blog.”


He is my brother and he is a lot bigger than me. I usually agree with him.

But the original impetus for this came last holiday season, December to be exact. It was one of those busy days with more than enough orders and everyone stretched thin. We had a customer who needed a new desktop immediately. Shipping had already gone out for the day. So, we jumped in the unofficial company minivan and headed off to the UPS drop spot. Of course, we arrived at 4:58 and the trucks were leaving at 5:00. Sounds trite, but was quite true.

Vincent, our shipping guy, jumped out of the car, grabbed the computer and ran gently to the door. You know what it looks like to run gently? As a Tae Kwan Do black belt he can run in such a way that a feather on the top of the box would rest still. It is awesome to see.

He ran in, smiled to our wonderful UPS friends, verified that this one single ever-so-important box would make it out on time, thanked them, gave a gracious nod, and left. As he walked back, he had the biggest smile on his face; he was radiating happiness.

I wished the customer could see him: Vincent the shipping guy, having delivered the package so it would get to the customer’s home on time. I wished I could show that moment to the rest of the world. It was not a, “Look what great work we do,” but rather a far more powerful emotion. It was a “Wow, look what happiness you bring us when you order stuff from us and we get to deliver it.” It is a primal human emotion to serve. Once basic needs have been met, a person can take tremendous pleasure in being helpful.

That image is still tucked away in my mind and I still wish I could share it, so there you go. I have now offically jumped into sharing my company’s vision.


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